HR and payroll. Personnel outsourcing.

We are specialists with appropriate knowledge, experience and practice in the field of Polish and international labor law, the act on the social insurance system, the act on income tax and other legal regulations. We strive to fully understand the structure and human resources policy of our clients. We provide reliable and comprehensive advice, taking into account all aspects of a given issue and the specification of a given client’s problem.

As part of the provision of HR and payroll services to you, we provide the following services:

  • we prepare full documentation in the field of entering into and terminating employment contracts, temporary employment contracts, civil law contracts, management contracts with employees of Polish origin, as well as foreigners,
  • we keep personal documentation, we establish, maintain and archive personal files of employed employees,
  • we prepare internal regulations,
  • we design logical document circulation systems and take care of their order and correctness,
  • we cooperate on behalf of clients with external institutions (Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, Central Statistical Office, PFRON, bailiffs), we prepare letters, conduct talks, provide explanations.
  • we calculate salaries for employees employed in Poland and prepare payrolls in accordance with applicable law and internal regulations,
  • we handle salary calculations for foreigners and employees posted to other countries in Europe and selected third countries,
  • we verify or prepare records of working time in various working time systems, along with checking the correctness of forms, applications and other attachments,
  • we calculate sick pay and benefits based on the received leave forms, we calculate additional benefits and holiday pay,
  • we prepare monthly and annual declarations to the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Offices and PFRON,
  • we prepare, submit and distribute annual PIT-11 tax returns for employees and contractors,
  • we prepare and deliver reports on HR data to the Central Statistical Office.
  • we prepare various types of supporting statements and reports for management purposes,
  • we provide support in the field of labor law for clients’ employees, we provide explanations,
  • at the client’s request, we take part in meetings and meetings, we conduct consultations and advice,
  • we communicate precisely and clearly to our clients changes in the provisions in the area of HR and payroll and inform them about their effects,
  • we carry out internal audits, analyzes, adjustments for previous periods.

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