PFRON (Państwowy Fundusz Osób Niepełnosprawnych – State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons) has existed since 1991. It’s a fund that facilitates the participation of people with disabilities in professional and social life. PFRON takes care of the distribution and collection of funds for social rehabilitation and professional activation of people with disabilities.

The scope of our services:

Preparing and sending of:

  • applications for wage subsidies for employees with disabilities,
  • applications with information on salaries, employment and degrees of disability of workers with disabilities,
  • applications of persons with disabilities running an economic activity for the payment of the refunds of social security contributions.

Additionally (PFRON):

  • we advise on disability employment legislation, including additional employee rights and disability certificates,
  • we coordinate the procedures related to obtaining or losing the status of a sheltered workplace.

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