A temporary employment agency is an enterprise whose main activity is related to the recruitment of temporary workers, solely for the purpose of performing temporary work for and under the direction of the user employer.

As part of the services provided to you, we perform the following activities:

  • preparation of payroll taking into account the specifity of this type of employment,
  • preparation of salary transfers for temporary workers in PLN and foreign currencies,
  • valuation of the profitability of contracts in terms of staff costs and costing of foreign projects,
  • preparation of a complete set of necessary documentation to conclude a contract between the user employer and temporary worker, as well as of employee documents and template documents concerning the cooperation,
  • registration of employees abroad and of necessary notifications depending on the requirements of the country concerned,
  • development of appropriate calculation of taxes for temporary workers, based on legal provisions,
  • calculation of advance payments of income tax,
  • calculation of social security contributions,
  • we coordinates inspections of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), national and foreign institutions,
  • calculation of contributions to foreign holiday pay funds,
  • we make corrections and correct calculations of archival cases and adjustments on request.


  • we design innovative proprietary software on request (Europapers),
  • we provide full service in the field of Polish ZUS and A1 documents,
  • we consult projects of digitization of posting processes,
  • we conduct trainings,
  • we negotiate with foreign trade unions,
  • we carry out audits, reviews of documentation and optimization projects,
  • we take care of annual accounts and return of taxes from abroad,
  • at the customer’s request, we participate in trade talks,
  • we operate a dedicated helpline for temporary employees,
  • we give opinions on contracts.

For a detailed offer, please feel free to contact us.

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