Posting employees abroad

It is a situation where a Polish employer sends its employees to perform a service in another country in Europe.

In order to work safely and legally on foreign markets – without fear of not completing complicated procedures, it is best to use the services of a trusted partner who will support you in the formal handling of contracts.

Crede Experto has been dealing with the settlement of foreign contracts since 2005. We currently serve most European countries and possibly all possible industries.

We are advanced practitioners in the field of posting abroad. We constantly coordinate our clients’ foreign projects, gaining their sincere trust and enabling them to broadly develop in the field of services provided abroad.

We professionally advise on:

  • governing law applicable to the posting of workers,
  • we evaluate the profitability of contracts in terms of personnel costs and cost estimation of foreign projects,
  • we prepare a complete set of necessary documentation to conclude a contract with the client – preparation of employee documents, as well as templates of documents regarding cooperation with the client,
  • we prepare full employee documentation, along with all necessary information and additional documentation,
  • we register employees abroad and the necessary notifications depending on the requirements of a given country,
  • setting minimum wage rates for foreign contracts,
  • we develop appropriate methods of calculating taxes of posted workers, based on legal provisions but also supported by extensive practice, confirmed by numerous inspections,
  • we prepare payrolls taking into account the specificity of this type of employment,
  • we prepare salary transfers for posted employees in PLN and foreign currencies,
  • we provide comprehensive advice on determining the optimal business model,
  • we provide full service in the field of Polish ZUS and A1 documents,
  • we support the payment of tax advances abroad,
  • we support the payment of social insurance contributions abroad,
  • we coordinate inspections of the Social Insurance Institution, PIP, domestic and foreign institutions,
  • we support the payment of contributions to foreign holiday funds,
  • we support the posting of third-country persons abroad,
  • at the request of our clients, we participate in business talks,
  • we give opinions on contracts,
  • we make corrections and correct calculations of archival cases and corrections on request,
  • we conduct audits of the adopted rules for the settlement of foreign contracts for posted workers,
  • we provide information, advise on court and appeal matters.


  • we conduct trainings,
  • we consult projects of digitization of posting processes,
  • we design innovative proprietary software on request (Europapers),
  • at the client’s request, we run a dedicated hotline for the client’s delegated employees,
  • we conduct negotiations with foreign trade unions,
  • we carry out audits, documentation reviews and optimization projects,
  • we provide annual settlements and tax returns from abroad,
  • we specialize in servicing temporary employment agencies and mass operations.

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