The offer of this type of services is addressed to entrepreneurs operating not only in Poland, but also in another European country.

The development of international trade and transport, information technology and recognition for the services provided by Polish professionals create great opportunities for domestic enterprises to develop on foreign markets. Profits obtained from abroad are often much greater than from similar activities in the country.

Such an expansion has an impact on the company’s needs in the area of accounting services and other professional consulting services.

What business model to choose?
Post workers from Poland to work abroad?
To open a company in another country?
Take advantage of the possibility of cross-border mergers of companies?

It all depends on the individual situation of the client and his needs.
We understand this industry and the specifics of operating on the international market.

Hence a special type of accounting service – the accounting of cross-border companies. Dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to develop their companies on an international scale.

We are aware of other types of problems in this type of accounting, exchange rate risk, differences in applicable law, cultural differences, business habits and different communication habits.

We are a reliable partner both for foreign companies operating in Poland and for Polish companies developing on foreign markets. We provide modern, comprehensive accounting that allows for timely delivery of accounting information for entities operating on various markets.

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