The legal status of a foreigner is governed by law – this will look slightly different in each country. Currently, international law and EU regulations in the European Union are also of great importance.

Crede Experto’s specialists have the knowledge and many years of practice thanks to which they provide reliable and competent advice on the employment of third-country nationals and European Union citizens.

The Foreigners package. The scope of our services:

  • legalisation of employment of foreigners in Poland,
  • advice on the choice of the correct procedure and appropriate type of the residence and work permit for a foreigner,
  • assistance in completing the appropriate applications in accordance with the legal provisions and the requirements of the institutions in order to grant a residence and/or work permit,
  • monitoring the validity of visas, work permits and residence cards of foreigners,
  • calculation of salaries, including preparation of transfers of remunerations, tax, ZUS,
  • participation in the process of obtaining:
    • national visas and Schengen visas,
    • residence permits,
    • work permits,
    • declaration procedure in PUP,
  • assistance in determining the place of tax residence of a foreigner and acquiring of tax residence certificates,
  • assistance in obtaining a residence card, EU Blue Card, long-term resident card-EU.


  • we provide ongoing support in the field of the employment of the foreigners from third countries and the EU for clients’ workers, we offer extensive explanations,
  • we prepare various types of supporting statements and reports for management purposes,
  • the client’s request, we participate in meetings and gatherings, we conduct consultations and give advice,
  • we communicate precisely and clearly to our clients changes in the provisions in the area of employment of foreigners and inform about their effects.

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