Crede Experto is a comprehensive accounting and consulting company that has been operating since 2005. actively supports Polish companies operating on the Polish and European market.

The central office is located in Łódź, but in the era of electronic communication, we freely cooperate with entities from all over Poland and Europe.

We specialize in providing services to entities posting their employees abroad. We have extensive experience, practice and contacts that allow us to provide services to enterprises in almost every European country.

Polish customers, on the other hand, appreciate us for our commitment, extensive knowledge and comprehensive approach to the affairs of their enterprises.

We believe in an individualized approach to each company – taking into account the nature, current position on the market, planned development directions and the specificity of clients and employees.

The business world is constantly changing, which is why we focus on efficiency, optimization and security, which are aimed at increasing the profits of our clients.

What our clients value most in cooperation with our company is the synergy effect, i.e. the fact that the experience related to cooperation with one economic entity generates professional practice for all other companies we help.

In this way, a knowledge base is created that is unattainable by one independent unit.

Crede Experto – (from Latin, trust the experienced)
It is a dedicated team of accountants, human resources and other specialists ready to help.

Since 2004, we have been working on our knowledge, achievements and development of qualifications, we are committed to the best customer service. Empathy, flexibility, professionalism and efficiency are the values that guide us when working for our clients. We are close to them, trying to answer all questions immediately.

We are proud that we provide our clients with practical advice based on many years of experience, often going beyond accounting and HR and payroll matters.
We focus not only on current problems, but also on the development of our clients’ companies by providing them with the best expert services.

Our company is here to help you.

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