The services offered by Crede Experto Tax Consulting Office include professional assistance with tax settlements in France. Indeed, our team is composed of specialist who will provide comprehensive support related to the settlement of French income tax. By contacting us, it’s possible to count not only on an expert advice, but also on dealing with the necessary formailites on behalf of the client.

The first months of a given year involve the obligation to settle income for the previous year. The above responsibility also applies to persons who have worked in France without having the status of a resident of this country. Moreover, in the case of Polish tax residents, it’s necessary to remember to settle all income in Poland, regardless of its source. It results from the Personal Income Tax Act of 26 July 1991 (i.e. Official Journal of 2022, item 2647, as amended).

If a Polish tax resident obtains income in France that is taxable in this country, such a taxpayer is required to submit annual settlements both in Poland and France. Importantly, the provisions of the double taxation convention concluded between these countries apply here.

Failure to fulfil the obligation to pay tax may result in legal consequences in both States mentioned above. Therefore, it’s even more important to remember to correctly complete the appropriate declaration and submit it. And in case of any problems, we encourage you to seek help from the qualified Crede Experto team.

The scope of our services in the field of French income taxes:

  • providing advice concerning tax settlements of non-residents in France,
  • settlement of tax on income obtained in France,
  • preparation of annual accounts.

If you are interested in receiving detailed information and specialised support, please contact Ms. Gabriela Markowska by phone at 533 393 415 or by sending a request to the email address

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