In the first few months of the year, it’s traditionally necessary to settle the income received in the previous year. This also concerns persons who have worked in France without being residents of this country. However, they can count on competent assistance in case of problems. Crede Experto Tax Consulting Office offers professional support related to the settlement of taxes in France. Indeed, our specialists will help to settle French income tax, not only by providing reliable advice, but also by dealing with the necessary formalities on behalf of clients.

The Personal Income Tax Act of 26 July 1991 (i.e. Official Journal of 2022, item 2647, as amended) requires Polish tax residents to settle all their income in Poland, regardless of its origin. However, it may happen that a Polish tax resident obtains income in France, taxable in this country. In connection with such situations, Poland and France concluded the double taxation convention. It provides for mechanisms to avoid double payment of taxes. Nevertheless, their application requires the taxpayer to submit annual settlements in Poland and France.

Failure to fulfil the obligation related to the payment of the tax may result in legal consequences – both in Poland and in France. Therefore, it’s necessary to remember to submit the right declaration and complete it correctly. Our office will provide you with reliable and professional assistance in this regard. The qualified Crede Experto team will gladly answer your questions and take care of all matters concerning income taxes for non-residents of France with complete professionalism.

Our offer in the field of income taxes in France includes:

  • settlement of tax on income obtained in France,
  • preparation of annual accounts,
  • providing advice concerning tax settlements of non-residents in France.

If you are interested in receiving support on the above issues, as well as more detailed information on this subject, please contact Ms. Gabriela Markowska by phone at 533 393 415 or by sending a request to the email address

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