On 1 July 2023, an increase in unemployment benefits in France occurred. The change in question is caused by very high inflation.

1. Reasons for the change in the amount of unemployment benefits

Due to inflation, Unédic (Union nationale interprofessionnelle pour l’emploi dans l’industrie et le commerce – National Professional Union for Employment in Industry and Trade) decided to change the amount of unemployment benefits. Unédic was authorised to take the decision in question by decree of 28 July 2019.

2. Change in minimum unemployment benefit

From 1 July 2023, the amount of the minimum unemployment benefit is EUR 31.59 per day. Before the change, the minimum benefit was EUR 31.00. Therefore, the benefit has increased by EUR 0.59, i.e. 1,9%. It should be noted here that a different amount of the minimum unemployment benefit applies in Mayotte. It currently stands at EUR 15.78 per day. Before the increase, it was paid in the amount of EUR 15.20.

3. Increase in other unemployment benefits

The fixed part of the return-to-work assistance (ARE) has changed. Before 1 July 2023, it was EUR 12.71. Currently, it’s paid in the amount of EUR 12.95 per day.

The return-to-work training assistance allowance (ARE-F) has increased to EUR 22.61 per day. Previously, it was EUR 22.19. In Mayotte, the amount of the benefit in question increased from EUR 10.89 per day to EUR 11.31 per day.

The minimum threshold for the application of the degressivity coefficient has increased to EUR 63.72. Before the change, it was EUR 62.53.

4. Legal notice

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