Citizens of EU Member States can come freely to Denmark and work there. In particular, they aren’t obliged to obtain a work permit. However, they should register their stay in Denmark. The obligation in question doesn’t stand in opposition to the free movement of people which constitutes one of the main pillars of the EU.

1. What is the certificate of registration of stay?

The certificate of registration of stay is a document prooving the registration of stay. It confirms that an EU citizen or a member of his/her immediate family has the right to stay in the territory of Denmark. Therefore, this certificate constitutes proof of right. It can’t be equated with a residence or work permit in Denmark. Citizens of EU Member States can work in Denmark without the need to obtain a residence and work permit. Instead, they have to get a certificate of registration of stay. Moreover, it’s possible to start working in Denmark before initiating the procedure of applying for registration of stay and before receiving the attestation.

2. When it’s necessary to register the stay in Denmark?

The obligation to register the stay depends on the period during which the person concerned is in Denmark. EU citizens can stay in Denmark without a certificate of registration for 3 months. For jobseekers, this period has been extended to 6 months. If, at the time of entry into Denmark, it is known that the stay will last longer than 3 or 6 months, it’s recommended to submit the application for registration of residence immediately after entry.

Both the period of 3 and 6 months should be counted from the date of entry into Denmark.

3. Application for registration of stay

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI in short) constitutes the authority dealing with applications for registration of stay.

In order to submit a request, it’s necessary to present the following documents:

a) a completed OD1 application form – Annex A of the form is completed by the employer;

b) an original passport and/or identity card;

c) a passport size photo;

d) a document of the basis for residence as a worker – this is:

  • an employment contract – such an agreement must be dated less than 30 days before its presentation to SIRI and have the signatures of the employer and the worker;
  • a declaration by the employer (it can by found in the OD1 application form) – such an attestation should be issued and signed by the employer, as well as dated less than 30 days before its submission to SIRI.

4. Period of validity of the residence registration certificate

The certificate of registration of stay in Denmark is issued for an indefinite period. However, it is in fact valid as long as the conditions for its issue last. If the grounds for residence change, it’s neccesary to apply for a new certificate to SIRI and indicate the new circumstances justifying its issue in the request. A new attestation must by applied for, e.g. in case of change of status from a student to an employee. There’s no need to request for a new certificate if a worker changes job or if a student changes University. Such events don’t constitute a fundamental change in the legal basis of stay.

It should be added at this point that after 5 years of continuous, legal stay in Denmark, it’s possible to apply for a document confirming the right of permanent residence in this country.

5. What does a certificate of registration of stay give?

A person with a certificate of registration of stay can apply for a CPR personal number, register an address, as well as obtain a Sundhedskort health insurance card (so-called yellow card). For this purpose, it’s necessary to present a certificate of registration of stay at the Borgerservice Residents’ Service in the municipality where you live.

6. Tax card

Citizens of EU Member States working in Denmark should obtain a tax card. This obligation is independent of that one to receive a certificate of registration of stay. It also exists in the event that the person concerned stays in the territory of Denmark for less than 3 months.

The application for the tax card shall be submitted via the website of the Danish Tax Administration.

The tax card contains, among others, the personal annual tax-free amount (personfradrag) and the tax rate (trækprocent).

Any changes concerning, among others, the employer, amount of remuneration, place of residence shall be notified immediately to the tax authorities. They may affect the amount of tax.

7. Legal notice

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